It’s your HEALTH, your FAMILY,
your TIME, your DATA
… it’s time to TAKE CONTROL



I’ve been thinking for years that it’s not right that I can’t
monetise my online life to support my family. At last, now I can!

ReMeLife’s a new digital care model 
A fairer way to care
Where everyone gains value for their participation

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ReMeLife’s a trusted, secure, rewards-based care community that shares in its growth. ReMeLife democratises e-commerce, data ownership and tokenises Care Actions. Through its Care-to-Earn, Buy-to-Earn, data and staking modules, Members earn REMEs that are then used to purchase products in ReMe Market and ReMeFi. Simple really..


ReMeLife Platform

With care comes constraints and challenges. Whether isolated, stigmatised, lonely, or culturally or socially detached, ReMeLife opens a window to the world.

Free apps that are cross generational and suited to consumer and business use, ensure optimised person-centred care. With better community engagement, improved wellbeing is achieved for all those involved in care.


REME Token

ReMeLife incentivises active engagement through token rewards for care, participation and creative activities.

REME tokens are earned through multiple Care Actions, such as medication adherence, family video chats and shared activities.


ELR & Social Data

Personal data is captured through use of ReMeLife apps and other services, and is used to define the profile of the person cared for, their family and their networks.

This data can be monetised by the Member, whether for their own benefit or to donate to family, friends or charities.


Passive Income

As well as earning REMEs from Care-to-Earn, Members are also able to build and monetise a personal network through use of ReMeLife’s Community Builder Program.

And Members can introduce Vendors to ReMe Market and earn commissions on sales made by the vendor.

ReMeLife’s CareFi module enables staking REMEs to access decentralised, discounted care focused financial products.


The ReMeLife DAO

As the Member supports the growth of the community, of the use of the REME and of retail purchasing in ReMe Market, so the value of the business and of the REME will grow.

c-Commerce is the new online model in which communities achieve strengthened outcomes through shared action. The ReMeLife DAO shares its governance token distribution and Treasury with its contributing Members.


NFT’s and Launchpad

ReMe Market and the NFT Fair enable schools, local care organisations and business to promote their activities and, members can share in this process.

ReMeLife enables everyone, whether or not ‘cyrpto savvy’, to gain from the benefits that crypto offers.

Charities can monetise their memberships in a mutually beneficial manner through the power of crypto.

Coming soon, as part of
      the ReMeLife ecosystem?


Members receive free NFTs that unlock ReMe Market product discounts and rewards for joining the Blui VIP Club. The Blui collection includes Blui’s friends from the planet Babazadeh here
ReMe Market Fair is community NFT market that enables schools, individuals, organisations, etc.,  to sell art and music.
Soon, ReMeLife NFT’s will enable Members to enter and engage in the Metaverse, via the ReMeVerse portal.


The Metaverse offers great opportunities for the elderly and for the support of those with cognitive difficulties. Therefore, it’s the natural next step for ReMeLife; from virtual travel to family home visits, from shopping to games and immersive entertainment.
The ReMeVerse portal will ensure that the care sector will get its fair share of the benefits to come.