It’s your HEALTH, your FAMILY,
your TIME, your DATA
… it’s time to TAKE CONTROL



I’ve been thinking for years that it’s not right that I can’t
monetise my online life to support my family. At last, now I can!

ReMeLife’s a new digital care model 
A fairer way to care
Where everyone gains value for their participation

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ReMeLife provides a trusted, secure rewards-based care ecosystem, that builds a community that shares in its growth. ReMeLife democratises e-Commerce and Data ownership and tokenises Care Actions. Our Rewards Based Healthcare model drives a new Careocracy. 


ReMeLife Platform

As we’re increasingly seduced into an online existence, a key ReMeLife mission is to promote meetups, events and activities within the community.

For, with ReMe Market as the end to end engine of commerce, local businesses and services have greater access to their communities.

cCommerce is the new online model in which communities achieve strengthened outcomes through shared action.


ReMe Data

The personal data that is captured through use of ReMeLife apps and other services, is used to define the profile of the person cared for, their family and their networks. We call this data Electronic Life Records.

As well as being used in the care process by RemindMecare, ELR is available to be managed by the Member, whether to monetise for their own benefit or to donate to family, friends or charities.


REME Token

With care comes constraints and challenges. Whether isolated, stigmatised, lonely, or culturally or socially detached, ReMeLife opens a window to the world and incentivises active engagement through token rewards for care, participation and creative activities.

REME tokens are earned through such as medication adherence, family video chats and shared activities.



The ReMeChain assures Members privacy. Smart contract based REME token usage ensures Members are confident of the fairly managed nature of the token ecosystem.

Personal identity is secured and the those cared for, the vulnerable and the young are protected through blockchain based security protocols, and a hierarchal rights system manages the access rights in the care apps, such that RemindMecare is fully GDPR compliant.


ReMe Referral Program

Members are able to build a personal network through use of ReMeLife’s inbuilt Referral Program. As Members’ ReMe Wallets fill up passively with REME tokens and as their network performs Care Actions, so loyalty to the platform builds and ever increasing value is generated.

Members can also introduce Vendors to ReMe Market and gain affiliate commissions on all sales made by the vendor.


The ReMeLife Foundation

The Foundation manages the distribution and availability of tokens for the Members and businesses.

As a non profit, it ensures, through ReMeChain’s smart contracts, transparency and immutably, thereby providing a trusted ecosystem in which Members can manage their data and undertake Care Actions to the benefit of those they care for.


ReMe Market

Members can purchase entertainment, products and services that match their care needs using REME tokens. Discounts and special offers are regularly available.

ReMe Market enables schools, local care organisations, coffee shops, pop up events, etc., to promote their activities, and performances can be run using ReMe Rooms and ReMe Meets.


ReMeLife Agency

REMEs can also be purchased from the ReMe Agency to enable redeeming the discounts available in ReMe Market when a top up is required for bigger ticket purchases.

REME is a utility token, being the currency earned for Care, Data and Creative work undertaken by Members. Once launched on exchanges when Phase 2 of the ecosystem is completed, then REMEs will be freely able to be traded for other tokens or cash.

How does ReMeChain enable
ReMeLife’s Rewards based care model to work?


There are key issues in the world of blockchain and tokens; from security to energy and gas costs, decentralisation, speed and scale. Our solution is to build our own blockchain to minimise the risk and impact of these and enable bridges to other blockchains.

The ReMeChain enables us to run smart contracts that ensure a transparent and immutable trust model, whilst also incurring no gas costs.

By using the Clique Proof of Authority protocol, there are no energy costs involved in block creation. Whilst this model may appear less decentralised than some, however with our partners managing key nodes, and with the Members ability to transfer REMEs as they wish, security is assured.

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Scroll left right to see more details.


Care Action Points (CAPs) are earned by Members for the Care Actions they undertake, using ReMeLife apps. Their CAPs are visible in their ReMe Wallet and are converted to REMEs, Ethereum based ERC20 Tokens, via a smart contract-based conversion that scales the number of REME’s earned per CAP based on the remaining limited supply of REMEs.

Therefore, the REME price increases as the CAP volume grows. This generates a REME value that is based not only on exchange-based market sentiment but also on its true utility, stored value and underlying growth, as well as its specific utility value for making purchases within ReMe Market.

Coupled with the virally propagatory ReMeLife Community Builder Program that supports our Community Commerce model, and with a structured vesting plan for team members and early adopters, the potential for REME price growth has proved appealing to our investors/Members.

Governance, the Treasure and token distribution will be managed by a member voting based DAO, to ensure that ReMeLife operates to the benefit of its Members, its token holders and its stakeholders.



We all know its coming. And whilst concerns are voiced regarding the Metaverse’s possible negative social impact, on screen time overload and with other lifestyle functions, however one thing is for sure; for the elderly, for sensory therapy and for education, and for the support of those with cognitive difficulties, the potential is great.
With our rewards-based tokenised healthcare model and planned deployment of Identifier NFT’s, the Metaverse is the natural next step for ReMeLife. We’re engaged and invested in by partners exploring with us the opportunities for; from virtual travel to home visits with family, from in store shopping to games and immersive entertainment.
Our proposed ReMeVerse portal intends to ensure that this time there are incentives enough for the care sector to not get left behind as the Metaverse emerges from its current development phase.

How advanced is ReMeLife and when
will the REMEs be usable and tradable in exchanges?


The ReMeLife Platform has been launched and the ReMe Market is operational. RemindMecare is being used in care homes around the world. Phase 1 of the build of the ReMeLife Token Ecosystem has been completed, such that when a Member both enrols and invites their care circle and personal networks to join ReMeLife, they receive REME tokens. Phase 2 is underway, such that the ReMeLife Token Ecosystem will be fully operational in mid 2022.

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Get Involved

ReMeLife is for everyone; from 18 to 80, from London to Lisbon and whether being cared for, a family, or a Family Office.
The benefits are for Members, so you won’t be surprised to read that if you want to know more, about token distribution, early bird bounties, rewards, and much more coming soon, then you’ll need to become a Member to be able to gain access to our Members and Token pages here.  You can also contact us directly at