Here’s why you should join now




You know Blui’s story (No? Check out the FAQ page). He’s visiting from his planet Babazadeh, to bring social impact to the planet. But he’s also looking to have some fun – and he keeps going on about getting some of his friends to visit soon…. we’ll see.

So just what is his VIP Club? It’s simple. ReMeLife is a community for everyone. Proof that ‘Crypto Cares’. It’s for Members that want to get involved, support the community and help it grow, and really get some serious rewards.

To qualify for VIP Club Membership you must have …
  • Purchased and be holding £100 of REME tokens OR £100 of BLUI tokens.
  • Have passively earned £100 worth of REMEs in your ReMeLife wallet
  • Have 10 Members in Level 1 of your ReMeLife Community Builder network.  OR
  • Have earned more than £500 in ReMe Market affiliate commissions from your introduced vendors.
What you get …
  • A Members NFT, an image of one of Blui’s friends, when the Blui Collection is minted.
  • Discounts to NFT purchases in the first month post the launch of the BluiScape NFT market.
  • Access to the REME token Private Sale pre-exchange launch, at the same rate as the ReMeLife Team.
  • Special Discount Merch Offers.
  • Weekly free entries into competitions for holidays, homes, all sorts.
  • Free entry to lottery for tickets to events.

So in summary, if you’ve already hold £100 of REMEs or BLUI’s then you’re already a Member and will be hearing from us soon.

You can become a VIP Club Member by achieving the targets shown above, or by buying BLUI tokens now here

This is just the start, we’re just getting going. Blui’s going to take us all on a ride to remember and the rewards will get better and better as we and your community grows.