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Big sigh of relief, compliance complete.
At last you can get your hands on some REMEs!


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(well soon… we will update you when we’re open)


The following provides key information regarding purchasing REME Tokens in the ReMeLife Seed Round:

  • There are three rounds in this Private Token Sale, each priced higher than the last.
  • This fund raise is intended to finance the completion of the build of Phase 2 of the ReMeChain project, as per the project description in the White Paper provided in these website pages. This means that whilst the tokenomics, smart contracts and key apps and software have been built and launched as a functioning MVP, however the ReMeChain and its REME token have not yet been launched.
  • Therefore REME Tokens are issued on the basis of the Compliant Token Sales Framework called a SIMPLE AGREEMENT FOR FUTURE TOKENS (“SAFT”). This means that you will not at this stage receive actual REME tokens when you complete your purchase but instead will receive a legally binding document, called a SAFT, that commits ReMeLife CIC to provide you with a stated number of tokens at the time of the launch of the ReMeChain network and the launch of the REME token on the first chosen exchange.
    The terms are defined in the SAFT document which can be found with further explanation in the FAQ page of this website. If you wish to discuss this process, please contact us here.



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