ReMeLife is the world’s first crypto rewards-based person-centric health and social care community that, as a pioneering social impact business, uses the power of crypto and decentralised communities to leverage, democratise and share the value inherent in digital care work, and that captures and monetises personal data for the benefit of its community Members.

The free app ecosystem enables Members to not only care for their family and/or clients but also to build a ‘care to earn’ derived passive income. And, through the use of ReMeLife’s ‘CareFi’ version of DeFi, community Members can plan for their future financial needs.

The earned or purchased regulatory compliant REME tokens, are deployed on our own ReMeChain, a POA blockchain that possesses little energy overhead or transactional gas costs. ReMeLife shares its wealth with its Members, through a smart contract managed Member governed DAO.

ReMeLife’s ecosystem of opportunity for its community is creating a ‘Careocracy’, that’s intended to bring ‘sharing to caring’ and ‘community into care’. ReMeLife makes care giving rewarded, more fun, and less burdensome for those in the frontline. And importantly, it brings future tech to those that are often excluded.


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A single page overview presenting a project summary and defining the current status of what is an evolving project.

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This image summarise the modules and their functionality within the ReMeLife ecosystem. Each item is clickable through to their respective websites and apps.




DECK in video format

You can download a PDF version of the deck here




The Lite Paper contains an overview of the project, its key mission, software components, funding requirements and team members, in an easy to read format.

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The white paper contains full project data regarding timing, the market, build, projected revenues and other key material.

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The recent completion and launch of the Phase 1 build represents an operational MVP, that will be enhanced post funding whilst the ReMeChain is being built and as part of the impending launch of Phase 2. This video presents an overview of the Phase 1 MVP ecosystem.




Our Manifesto defines our ethos that underlines every element of the ReMeLife project.

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1 PAGE SUMMARY & Chinese version

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Your REME token purchase is governed by the terms of the SAFT agreement that all parties are bound by. Please view here.

For further information about SAFTs please visit the FAQ page of this website here


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