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GlobalNet21 (21st Century Network) was set up to ‘discuss some of the great issues of our millennium and bring back the hope that we can do something about it’. Focusssed on the idea of citizen discussion through social networking to mobilise citizen involvement Francis Sealey interviews people ‘that are trying to make a difference’. With meetings, often held in the UK’s House of Commons, on Development, Human Trafficking, The New Media World, Education, Climate Change, Social Enterprise, conflict resolution, alienation, the impact of China on the world order and much more,  MPs often join in dialogue with new audiences that they often do not normally encounter.

Francis interviewed Simon about ReMeLife’s underlying ethoses (yes we know its Ethoi, but really…); the democratisation of data through data trusts and owner monetisation, and the equitable sharing of retail profits and business growth through tokenomics, coupled with the decentralisation and transparency that blockchain brings.

It’s early days for ReMeLife, but its clear that, as Francis put it, ReMeLife’s business model is in line with and responsive to the zeitgeist of the strange times that we are all experiencing today’.



It’s time to tell the world. ReMeLife’s launching the first stage of its Token-based incentivised Health Care Platform. And it all starts at Giant Health, on 1st December. Why not join us. You can get a free ticket here (and register for free tokens in upcoming token airdrops).

OK, we won’t have the full ecosystem operational until early in 2021. But we’re already enrolling new members; from people cared for, their families and carers, to care suppliers and providers, and to those that want to support ReMeLife and participate in its growth.

From mid December, you’ll be able to use the ReMeLife modules; from ReMeMeets (video conferencing), ReMe Market (supplier market place) and (our b2c and B2b care app), to our suite of Alexa Care Skills …. and of course many, many activities that will connect, engage and enhance person centred care.

And early registered members will recieve free tokens in our air drops. Yes, we’re excited. Why not join us.


In fact if you click on the voucher, you can win tokens right now.



We’re working closely with partners in the area of Parkinson’s, with a focus on the key areas that ReMeLife is ideally suited to address.

Maintaining activity participation and care circle and community engagement; supporting remote automated medication notifications; and group meetings for those with common interests; as well as a means to monetise care actions – all are a fit for people with Parkinson’s.

Organisations like Parkinson’s UK are looking to tech to bring change; activity providers such as Dance PD in the US and Parkinsons Concierge are working with ReMeLife to optimise the role of technology in daily global engagement.



BEANSTALKS™ at the GIANT Health Event is an international “competition for prizes” for health and care tech start-ups. Early-stage businesses who enter, gain exposure to a huge and diverse audience across the whole Health, technology and business ecosystem.

If you are a start up, why not enrol?

Giant Health is a leading Global Innovation and New Technology Health Event, based in London. This year it will be bigger than ever as the event goes virtual and with a global reach. You can buy tickets at discount rates directly from us. Just contact us here. Every direct purchaser will receive ReMC tokens, of course.


“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Rahm Emanuel, at the time of the Great Recession of 2008 and the launch subsequently of Bitcoin. Winston Churchill first said it during World War ll.



The Mental Health of Older Adults and Dementia Clinical Academic Group brings together academic and clinical staff within the department of Old Age Psychiatry and South London and the NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre, part of the Maudsley NHS Trust, into a single grouping to promote excellent research and the delivery of clinical services for older people with mental health diagnoses and dementia.

Led by Prof. Dag Aarsland, renowned globally in the field of Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s, the work will be undertaken by Zunera Khan, Research Portfolio Lead, Dementia Care.

With a focus on the new functionality now included in ReMe that addresses Covid issues, such as isolation, loneliness and remote engagement through activities, the work will generate an evidence based impact study of the mood and wellbeing benefits of the systems’ technology in care homes and assisted living.



ReMeLifeMeets, part of the ReMeLife suit of Member tools, was launched today. An alternative to today’s usual suspects, zoom, teams, facebook, etc, ReMeMeets offers unique features designed to support the care sector specifically, from families, carers, care facilities and care organisations.

ReMeMeets helps care business remotely reach locked down care homes and families, provides global marketing reach for activity and product suppliers, and assists achieve monetisation of their businesses through online video marketing.

Unlike others in the market, ReMeMeets does not sell its data. Furthemore, uniquely, through an affiliate derived passive income structure, ReMeMeets shares its revenues with its users, thereby generating much needed income for the care sector.

ReMeMeets is also idea for those with cognitive condtions, families and anyone wanting to connect using video, being easy to use and free of charge. Check out ReMeMeets here.



ReMeLife and Imaginary have teamed up to bring advanced solutions for the promotion of healthy lifestyles, rehabilitation and patient empowerment using the combination of person centred care, bespoke activities and game technology.

With REHABILITY, patients can carry out their rehabilitation exercises from either the centre in which they are hospitalized or remotely, and autonomously but with constant medical supervision.Based on many years of scientific research with specific studies in stroke, MS and Parkinson’s disease, the integration with ReMeLife and its companion apps will enhance patient engagement, data capture and reporting.



The Vodaphone sponsored consortium brings together multiple products and services from leaders in healthcare, that supports those impacted by Covid-19; from state of the art testing kits to vital signs remote monitoring, from family and community engagement to entertainment, nutrition and exercise.

ReMeLife’s usage is growing fast across the formal and home care sectors, and with its focus on remote family and community connectivity as well as care monitoring, cross generatonal engagement, self-care management, and entertainment, ReMe is already configured to address many of the impacts of Covid-19.




With the massive demand that we’ve been receiving for ReMe, the ReMeLife companion app, from care facilities everywhere, but with their difficultly in being able to trial, decide and pay, we’ve decided, in the light of Covid-19, to give ReMe away free of charge for the period of the crisis.

And we have reconfigured the app to better serve the immediate needs of its users, in relation to social distancing, isolation, loneliness, etc. If you know any one or any care business that has need of solutions to address their person centred care, entertainment, connectivity and activity provision needs, then please forward the link here to them, so that we can provide them with a free download link to address their Covid-19 issues.


Vice President of the International Society of Digital Medicine, 07/04/2020

This interview was held post the Digital Medicine Virtual Conference, a global conference held in today’s new online format that focused on companies that are offering a Covid-19 solution to the global care sector.




ReMeLife has entered into a formal partnership agreement that will enable us to deploy the considerable support of Consensys and Consensys Health to ensure the optimal configuration and global reach of the ReMeLife token based incentivised health care ecosystem. The creators of Ethereum, and with Besu now part of the Hyperledger Foundation, CH provides us with the complete solution that will ready ReMeLife’s utility healthcare token for its launch before the end of 2020.



Simon talks to David Orban about the world today, the ReMeLife suite of B2C and B2B tools and how ReMeLife addresses Covid-19.



The Biyomod, ReMeLife and Acibadem partnership has won the Innovate Award for Global Innovation. The subsequent product development between the partners will include integration, international product development and market deployment. It also brings ReMeLife partnership with the EU based MedInnovate Covid response consortium.



The partnered blockchain and infrastrcuture companies Limechain and Ocyan have been awarded the contract to complete the build of the  primary elements of its tokenised healthcare project. With the proposed deployment of the recently launched Hyperledger besu, a consensys system, ReMeLife and its partners, are bringing blockchain and its tokens to the healthcare consumer sector at scale.





Simon presents at the European Society for Person Centred Healthcare, a description of how  bringing blockchain to consumer and business healthcare, through the ReMC token model, can significantly enhance person centred care across the care journey, by incentivising and rewarding care whilst also addressing the key global issues of care costs, hospital bed blocking and data management and portability.



ReMeLife presents at the Geneva Blockchain Summit, defining how its token model can positively impact on healthcare across the care journey by incentivising and rewarding care. With the incorporation of new innovations and an expanded build team, ReMeLife is progressing towards launch at the end of 2020.



ReMeLife will explore the possibilities that its Electronic Life Records can bring to the different care sectors along the care journey from diagnosis to end of life, from home care to hospital ward care and how blockchain can enable achieving critical elements such as consumer trust, self-management of personal data and the token based rewards mechanism that is at the heart of the enhanced enagement that ReMeLife and its companion app, ReMeLife achieves.

The David orban Interview with Simon Hooper, co-Founder of ReMeLife


David Orban discusses ReMeLife, its purpose, aims and aspirations as well as the new CSO funding model.

Care Home Management


McKinsey Partners, writing in Care Home Management , take an expert look at the emerging world of Digi-therapeutics and their potential to revolutionise health and social care, including ReMeLife’s added ability to add fun to the mix.


This 2 day summit offered a deep exploration of what’s ‘here today and coming tomorrow’, in the rapidly emerging world of blockchain and AI. ReMeLife was presented as part of the Continuous Security Offering (aka the DAT) presentations, by Fairmint and NetSocLab, and the ReMeLife DAT is soon to be one of the first to be launched in this early configuration of the emergence of Decentralised Finance (DeFi), a funding mechanism well suited to healthcare startups.

ReMeLife: Tokenising the Care Journey

Simon Hooper, presenting at the Malta Blockchain Summit.

David Orban, NetSocLab: The DAT (aka CSO)

The DAT,  a new fund raising method for startups

Fairmint: The DAT (aka Continuous Security Offering)

An overview of the soon to be launched new DeFi funding mechanism, The DAT, as presented by the founder Joris Delanoue

A new VC Model: The Continuous Security Offering

The panel review the opportunities and obstacles for this new funding method that’s soon to be launched. (Please ignore erroneous company name for Simon)

Forbes discuss ReMeLife’s use of the CSO (formerly DAT)and its merits


The Forbes article provides an excellent overview of the CSO (formerly DAT) and its potential impact on funding, and view how it may assist healthcare funding, in the manner being used by ReMeLife.


ReMeLife to launch CSO (aka DAT) on stage at Malta Blockchain Summit


Simon Hooper confirmed to speak in the Healthcare section of the summit, on the power of tokenising the care journey and the role of the Decentralised Autonomous Trust in launching ReMeLife globally.

Digital Health Published Peer Review


Digiital Health, a leading healthcare industry peer reviewed publication, publishes a paper on RemindMecare and its person-centred care system.

Read and download here

The Daily Mail


Dr Max of the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper prescribes ReMe …

Care Home Professional


Digital Medine publishes an industry peer reviewed paper on ReMeLife and person centred care.

ReMeLife working with Acibadem and Pingbit


Acibadem Healthcare group, one of Europe’s largest health care providers, is working with ReMeLife to combine the Pingbit wearable Smart Health solution with the ReMe app to complete a comprehensive care support provision to its clients.

The Telegraph


An article on the reasons behind the creation of ReMeLife.

Sharp announce partnership with ReMe


Sharp’s state of the art Interactive touch screen brings a new dimension to digital engagement in care facilities. With ReMe’s activities, therapies and ability to capture data vital to the person centred care delivery process, entegrated into the hardware, the MeetUP becomes the next generation in digital activity based care.

Forbes view on person centred care, ReMeLife and the DAT


Forbes looks at today’s key issues in health care; those that relate to person centred care, time scarcity, job satisfaction and consultation constraints, and explores how ReMeLife is using a digitally based person centric approach to address them – by deploying blockchain and tokenisation to incentivise the care process.

ReMeLife to launch consumer app, Alexa care skills and Membership Token at Giant Health event


Each year we’ve held a conference at Giant; two years ago it was Voice in healthcare, last year the potential of blockchain – and this year it’s ‘Personalising the Care Journey‘. A great event, full of next generation innovation and for ReMeLife and its affiliates, associates and partners, it’s a chance to present what’s coming on the consumer care front.

For discounted tickets use the ReMeLIfe code here

ReMeLife at BlockchainLive in London


NR4 media interview about the impending ReMeLife DAT launch at Malta and discussions with fellow blockchain healthcare focused business that will be ReMeLife’s probable partners.

ReMe integrates with Genie, the social care robot


ReMe delivers digital activities and collates a broad personal data set about the life and likes of the person being cared for (ELR). This data can power care planning software, hardware and data strategies. Now its powering Genie.

Genie is an engaging social care robot that offers an array of care services. And importantly, courtesy of ReMe’s ELR Inside and the activities that ReMe provides, Genie can really know the person and so the user can more easily establish a loyal relationship with the user, to ensure response to key care practices, such as medication and hydration reminders.

Genie, with ReMe Inside, will launch in 2020

ReMe, with, becomes the first GP social prescribable dementia app


ReMeLife’s companion app ReMe, has gained NHS Digital and EMIS approvals and is now prescribable by doctors in the UK to support their elderly patients and those with dementia.

ReMe aims to assist reduce loneliness and isolation, achieve digital inclusion and family and care circle engagement, whilst also reducing agitation through better knowing the person, making it one of the first NHS G Cloud approved Digi therapeutics.

Ex KPMG Blockchain Lead appointed to head up ReMeLife blockchain project


Anton Christoff, founder of the KPMG UK Blockchain Centre of Excellence and responsible for the development and coordination of the UK firm’s blockchain strategy and client’s propositions, will lead the development of ReMeLife’sblockchain and tokenisation strategy.

With his hnds-on experience in a variety of leading roles within the end-to-end consulting and advisory life-cycles in both Business and Digital transformation initiatives within major global organisations, Anton will steer ReMeLife through its design, developement and deployment.



ReMeLife to launch Decentralised Autonomous Trust at Malta Blockchain Summit


ReMeLife confirms their attendance at the Malta Blockchain Conference in November, at which Network Society Lab will present ReMeLife, as one of their first three DAT’s, to the blockchain investor community.

This  video, filmed in Malta earlier in the year, presents the framework which ReMeLife will be part of, and the ethos behind project. Again, we think it was the hat that did it for us (to see why watch 8:12 in the video).

Network Society Media is the promotional arm that will be supporting ReMeLife as it scales globally. To learn more about NSL, CogX, please view channel here.

ReMeLife partner with NetSocLab


Post meeting David Orban and Ben Goetzel at TransVision 2019: Humanity+, with David Wood, we started to work on bringing ReMeLife to align with the proposition for a decentralised blockchain based AI infrastructure, that enables businesses to not only transact autonomously but also achieve funding through a new funding methodology, that of FAIRs traded through a DAT, a Decentralised Autonomous Trust, as being pioneered by NetSocLab

I think it was the hat that sealed the deal …

ReMeLife and Blockchain


Interviewed by Jessica DaMassa of WTF health (US), Simon Hooper, explains ReMeLife’s emerging strategy regarding blockchain in healthcare, and the potential that exists to mobile consumers to better manage their healthcare, their data and their engagement with family and community using the incentivisation and rewards based tokenisation strategies that are available through the use of blockchain. Done in the heady but short lived era of the ico. A precursor of better things to come!

Disrupt: Health Innovators

Disrupt, a monthly presention focused on those developing progressive solutions in the care sector and hosted by Barry Shrier.

With Guests: Simon Hooper | Co-founder | RemindMeCare Aubrey de Grey | Chief Science Officer | SENS Research Foundation | VP New Technology Discovery at AgeX Therapeutics. Clare Delmar | Marketing and Brand Director | Nuada Group Ltd Chris Pointon | Co-founder and CTO | Racefully

The ReMeLife Blockchain 1-Day Conference

We wanted to get to know the UK Blockchain space, and especially those building solutions in healthcare. So what better way to do this than to hold a one day conference at Londons leading healthcare innovation event. So we organised and hosted one of the UK’s leading Blockchain events in 2018, ‘Blockchain in Healthcare;who’s in and what’s next?, held at the Giant Healthcare event in London. Industry leaders, from IBM to AWS, the Digital Catapult and UCL were present, as well as healthcare blockchain developers, such as Dcent, Gospel and Dovetail. Presenting their existing or in development blockchain based solutions were medicalchain, Pharmeum, AHA, DigiPharm, Farmatrust and others, with expert opinion provided by Navin Ramachandran of UCL/NHS, Deloitte and Osbourne Clark.

The result was extremely informative and vibrant. And for us it was a very, very decisive day. There was no going back, we were hooked!

You can view the speaker list here, and videos and decks from the presenters are available upon request.

Live Interview with SImon Hooper at Health Innovation Event

Simon Hooper presents RemindMecare (aka ReMe) that has now been launched into the consumer sector. Simon explains how ReMe is usable by those cared for, families and care businesses from diagnosis to end of life and presents the team plans for deploying blockchain to achieve consumer trust and enhanced personal data management.

Global 21 interview – Social care and technology

Interviewed by Francis Seeley of GlobalNet21, as part of their Society & The  Digital Age series, Simon Hooper presents RemindMecare (aka ReMe) and discusses its reasons for launch into the consumer sector. Simon explains how ReMe is usable by those cared for, families and care businesses from diagnosis to end of life and presents the team plans for deploying blockchain to achieve consumer trust and enhanced personal data management.

Kingston Hospital & RemindMecare

Staff on Derwent Ward at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust are revolutionizing care for their patients with dementia by using a new unique piece of software to help understand their needs, likes and dislikes ….read on

HIMSS MobiHealth News and ReMe


Voice is uniquely positioned to be a valuable tool for seniors who wish to stay in their homes. HIMSS and Mobihealth pick the leaders in the space including RemindMecare and discuss the innovations that are coming soon.

An interview with the Founders

We’ve been working on ReMe and ReMeLife for longer than we care to admit. But it has given us a mission and a chance to meet a new world of incredible people. We’re here to stay!

A new care pathway: ReMeLife coming soon

On stage, Simon presents the soon to be launched ReMeLife. At the heart of ReMeLife and RemindMecare is the simple proposition that person centred care should be the starting point for care. And that technology can enable enhanced person centred care to significantly impact on the care journey, from diagnosis to end of life

TechInvest: the Mayors event

Sadiq kahn held TechInvest to bring together London’s leading innovators, to promote investment, collaboration and international partnering. ReMeLife, launched its new principles of tokenised care incentivisation to a receptive audience.

On the Radio, Breakfast Show

We’ve done so many conferences, radio shows and interviews that we’ve lost count with the aim of getting the message out there – that care needs to be more person centric. Of course treatment needs to be about diagnosis, medication and surgery – but if you do not know anything  about the person along the way, then so many opportunities are lost; to support the person cared for, their families and carers and even to bring benefit to the care businesses. ‘Clearly there’s interest in dementia, in eldercare – now it’s just a matter of whether it’s possioble to raise the investment required to bring today’s tech, of voice, blockchain and AI to bear on a sector that’s just not fashionable’.

RemindMecare launch at IdeaLondon

After two years hosted by University College London and Cisco at IdeaLondon, it was time to launch RemindMecare. A small affair, but with some leading lights in the care industry as speakers, it marked the beginning of the next phase of the evolution of the ReMe project.

What the Carers said

We spent a lot of time with people with dementia and with carers, as well as with their managers. We thought they should have their say.

RemindMecare launch video

This is the video that we made at IdeaLondon to launch RemindMecare – little did we know the changes, the pivots that were coming!

Vince Cable presents RemindMecare at the House of Commons

Our initial funding was raised from industry investors and those that had experience of dementia. One of our leading investors, Sir Vince Cable, the ex Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills from 2010 to 2015, opens our round at an event we held in the House of Commons.

Mavis – who showed us the way

We did our early work at the HomeLink Day care centre in Whitton, Richmond. And Mavis was the star. With advanced dementia, she would often not recall what we had trialed and recorded an hour before, but we will never forget her wit and wisdom.

Thanks Mavis.

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