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ReMe for Formal care

Established by two co-founders, Simon Hooper and Etienne Abrahams with the intent of bringing technology to bear on the lack of digitally supported person centred care to be found from diagnosis to end of life, and with a team of industry experts, academia and tech leaders, Health-Connected Ltd is, and aims to always be, at the forefront of person centric healthcare innovation.

RemindMecare (aka ReMe) is the brand (see that to date has been sold to the UK care business sector, from domiciliary care to day care centres, assisted living, care homes and hospital wards. With major clients, such as care home groups (ie CareUK), domiciliary care businesses (ie Bluebird care) and hospitals (ie Kingston Hospital) and with international clients, ReMe is now ready to enter the care at home b2c sector and to scale globally.

ReMe is defined as Activity Based software, that delivers activities, from therapy to entertainment and connectivity, and that provides a broad range of functionality, from self-care management to remote monitoring. By delivering bespoke digital activities and collecting a new data set, called Electronic Life Records (ELR=preferences, moods, habits, wellbeing, memories, life story, family), ReMe is able to significantly enhance the care process, for the person cared for, families, carers and care organisations.

The key for care businesses is that ReMe enables easy adoption of technology by those that are not tech or even tablet savvy, that facilitates not only dramaticailly enhancing and evidencing person centered care, well being for clients and family connectivity, but also optimises business performance, such that using ReMe generates a significant ROI (open pdf to left) that can improve profits across a group.



ReMe for Home Care

The ReMe app has been recently launched in the UK consumer sector to provide care support for those cared for at home. Accessed via membership of ReMeLife, and downloadable from Playstore and Apple app stores, ReMe is also certified by the NHS as being approved for prescription by doctors to patients living at home that require dementia and elderly care support.

Through capturing knowledge of the person through activities and matching this to acticities and services, ReMe assists community engagement and provides connectivity for a care circle, and so addresses loneliness, self-care management, and supports maintaining care in the community for longer.

The key to the ReMe system is that the member owns their data and that it’s portable from diagnosis to end of life, thereby making it a powerful care tool that serves both a multitude of personal and business purposes, and a broad variety of users. Critically, not only is their data protected from third party exploitation, but the user can also revenue from it, from their use of ReMeLife’s token.

RemindMecare (the original lead brand now replaced by ReMeLife) ranks high globally in search engines and its global brand status is growing fast. the business is ready to scale once appropriately funded.

To be known socially its Facebook, for business its LinkedIn. For healthcare, to be known for who you are, from diagnosis to end of life, its ReMeLife.


ReMeLife was launched in mid-2019 to be the first point of engagement with consumers. Currently, configured as a simple information and blog site, ReMeLife will evolve, post this funding round, into a membership platform that provides not only access to the existing ReMe app, but also services to support its members. These range from community engagement (through capturing local activities and services and matching them with the members known needs and interests), to enabling engagement between members, validated services provision ( provided at discounted prices by affiliate companies), and a members token based rewards system to promote better care and outcomes.

Importantly, with a growing consumer user base and an international presence, ReMeLife will provide the interface that enables members to manage their personal data, to not only support their care needs but also to allow, on an optin case by case basis, its usage by those parties that can serve their needs; from for example, finding a domiciliary care provider to organising a dementia cruise, purchasing assistive technology or discovering elder care friendly local services and entertainment.

With the support of ReMe’s suite of Alexa enabled care skills, it becomes possible to achieve committed engagement with the person cared for, thereby enabling the delivery of remotely managed care support, such as medication and hydration reminders.


Since blockchain, notably Ethereum, tokenises the data capture, it provides an ideal medium to be able to offer token-based rewards to ReMeLife members, for their engagement in the varied activities available in ReMeLife and whilst using the ReMe App.

Whether a person cared for, their grandchild or a formal carer or care business, rewarding and incentivising engagement and improving care has a significant impact not only on the persons involved but also on the complete care process, from optimising care, business finances and even to addressing care and government policy.

Earning and/or purchasing the ReMC utility token provides a means to incentivise good care, gain easy access to discounted products and services, and use the ReMeLife members wallet, to hold earned tokens and to provide tokens to those involved in care, from live in carers to care homes that need to disperse family funds to their residents, and for a multitude of other use cases across the care journey. Membership of ReMeLife brings many rewards and the ReMC token makes it easy and fun.

The ReMC utility token serves multiple purposes in both the B2C and B2B sectors and new use cases will emerge over time as new suppliers find benefits in the rewards and incentivisation it offers in the healthcare sector.

And if a member wants to participate in the growth of ReMeLife, we will offer them a conversion path for them to purchase FAIRs in our DAT.

ReMeLife is the response to clearly apparent demand for a consumer focused healthcare brand that supports the care needs of all those involved in care, from diagnosis to end of life, in a consumer focused, data owning and rewards based manner that’s usable by everyone.




Key Technology



To provide trust, identity and a immutable transaction log of the personal ELR data set ReMe will use Hyperledger fabric with personal data held offline in a FIHR database to ensure NHS data interoperability.

An Ethereum blockchain based EHR20 Token, the ReMC utility token, will be earned or purchased by members via the ReMeLife data interface for use in the care process and/or deposited when rewards are due, in the members wallet.

ReMeLife investors can also purchase ReMeLife investment tokens, called RML’s, in the ReMeLife CSO, a cash reserve-secured fractionalised debt instrument that is digitally managed by a blockchain-based smart contract.

Full details are available in the Investor section of this website.


Proprietary Alexa care skills have been built that enable voice interactivity and remote scheduling using a voice activated integrated calendar. Further information can be found on



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