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Questions & Answers

Below are answers to the questions we commonly get asked. If yours are not answered here then please do contact us. We love talking about what we’re doing! You can contact me directly by email; just click here



Simon talks

Simon Hooper, the co-founder and CEO of ReMeLife introduces the proposition behind ReMeLife and answers some questions, about how and why it was founded and why tokens have become important to the care ecosystem.

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How to invite
your friends to join
your ReMeLife network



How can I invite my family, friends and social network to join my ReMeLife network?


Building a network of friends, family and anyone in your social network or that you meet, that has an interest in family connectivity, caring or crypto, is easy. And when you invite them to gain from ReMeLife’s free apps, you’ll passively earn crypto.

Simply send each of them an email with your Invitation Link embedded in it. You will find this Invitation Link in both your wallet and in the ReMeLife Referral Program page (RRP). Copy and paste it into an email.

Or you can do the same to your friends (or as a group if you use your social media’s tools) via your social media. You can use the social links in the RRP to start that process.

This link, when clicked by the invited person, will take them to the ReMeLife Wallet & RRP registration page. When they’ve completed registration, they will automatically be added to your network (as you will be able to see in the RRP interface) and you will receive CAP’s (Care Action Points) as a reward for their having joined. Later, you will be able to convert these CAPs to REME Tokens (which are ERC20 Ethereum  based tokens) and so will be able to trade them for cash on a crypto exchange…or use them to make product purchases in the ReMeLife Market.

So how to invite your friends? Well you can write whatever you like, but here’s a typical email, that we know works and which you can copy and paste.

Hi Jane, 

I’ve recently joined the ReMeLife Ecosystem. This is an online community that supports families and those that need to be connected, especially when care is involved. ReMeLife provides free apps and many services. But perhaps its key feature is that when you use ReMeLife’s apps to support and engage with others in your social network, you earn crypto tokens. You earn them as you do those things that you are doing anyway. And you earn them passively in background. They just appear in your wallet. 

So I would like to invite you to join my network, and also to build your own network. There are no costs, no work involved and no catches. ReMeLife just provides great free apps and a means to monetise your daily digital family and care actions, for your own benefit instead of for the benefit of the tech giants.

It’s simple. Just click [add your invitation link here] to get your ReMeLife crypto wallet and to start earning, and to get your own Invitation Link to invite your own friends and family. And then when you have your wallet, remember to join up as a ReMeLife Member to access the free apps.

Of course to find out more, just visit www.ReMeLife.com. And if you want to learn more about ReMeLife’s crypto opportunities, then also visit www.ReMeLife.io. But please do make sure that you use my Invitation Link to register, to help my wallet grow its token balance.

That’s it. Do get in touch with me if you want to chat about it.

Best wishes,


ReMeLife gets you ready to join the world of crypto.








How to purchase
REME Tokens



Can you show me how to purchase REMEs?


We’ve sold REMEs to our founding shareholders (we’ve raised over £650k in total raises to date) and to our team members (that have worked unpaid throughout Covid). And we’re now selling REMEs to our ReMeLife Members, that have supported us and helped ReMeLife grow. We’re now offering REMEs at a 50% discount to their eventual launch on a Public token exchange. So, if you wish to support ReMeLife and get in early, now is the time to do so. For this offer is only open for a few more weeks.

So how do you purchase REMEs? If you know your way around crypto, you won’t need to read further. Just click through to the Investor registration page.

But If you’ve never bought crypto before, then we will demystify the process for you. We won’t pretend it’s easy. But it IS easy when you know how. It’s like anything new; you have to really want it to be able to figure out how to use it – whether it was your first time on a mobile phone, using Facebook or driving a car.

And the good news is that once you’ve set yourself up with the tools that you’ll need, then you’ll be able to buy whatever crypto you want, whenever you want; from Bitcoin to Ether, Doge to Sushi. Although, we don’t think you’ll ever want to buy any other tokens other than ReMe’s of course. 

So please click here to visit our HOW TO PURCHASE REMEs page.
… and get ready to join the world of crypto.







Who & What is 



Who and What is Blui?


Blui is an alien cat that arrived at the beginning of the global Covid pandemic, from the planet Babazadeh (a main belt minor belt planet in our solar system, an interplanetary outpost for what Blui tells us is ‘staging ground’ for his civilisations launching of their interplanetary social impact ‘Transition Projects’). He landed in Bushy Park just outside London, which is behind where Simon lives.

He came to Earth as part of a project to assist in the transitioning our planet to a higher state of social consciousness. He chose to first connect with ReMeLife as he had seen Simon’s talks over the preceding years about the power of blockchain to achieve social change and because he had learnt of the ReMeLife rewards-based care and social impact model, and its use of crypto to provide rewards to those who need it most, such as those cared for, hard pressed families, carers, the youth of today post Covid, etc.

In care, care homes, hospitals etc., animals are used in the care process and are effective in stimulating engagement and emotional bonding between carers and those cared for. In our software, RemindMecare, carers enrol persons cared for as part of the process of using the care system. The very first resident that is pre-enrolled in RemindMecare, is now Blui. He has agreed to become our project Ambassador. Therefore, you can find Blui’s life story, profile, family album, home, favourite things, etc., built into the software, so that carers and the residents first learn to use the software by viewing Blui as the existing resident for the care facility. He soon becomes their friend, as he has become ours.

Blui is helping us ensure that REME tokens achieve mass appeal to the non-crypto savvy, to the young that will lead us to our future, and to those with cognitive difficulties that generally miss out on life’s early-stage opportunities. For our mission, and Blui’s, is to bring the power and benefits of crypto to those who need it most, and to share the value inherent in digital care as opposed to it simply being harvested by others. And to provide a means for our Members to earn a passive income from what they are already doing, caring, and from what they already have, namely social networks and data. Blui told us that this is a similar social community model that has made Blui’s civilisation stable, but that it was necessary for various key social ingredients to be in place before their own transition could take place. He has given us some limited insights into some other remarkable social constructs that he wishes to also deploy on Earth. But as he puts it, ‘we have to get the human species purring again’ and to bring the metaverse to life in the right way, so that it is more than just a game playing space to dumb down an exhausted population and to make money – ‘nothing wrong with making money’ Blui says… ‘but their metaverse is a place of education, of the meeting of communities and of personal growth’. In other words, a world that generates a level playing field, one where communities can regain their rightful control of their value systems.

Watch out Shiba and Doge, Blui will be knocking on your door very soon!







Does ReMeLife only apply to elder care and dementia?



Yes, at the moment ReMeLife is focused on elder care and dementia and Parkinson’s. But we have been working with organisations in relation to learning disabilities, mild cognitive impairment and strokes. And we see relevance in foster care.






How long has RemindMecare been used in the UK?



RemindMecare (aka ReMe) has been used for two years in the UK, mainly in care homes and day care centres, as well as in hospitals to establish an evidence base.

We have spent a lot of time getting it right. To achieve the portability of data across multiple care sectors, to achieve adoption by non-tech-savvy carers and to design a UX interface that is also engaging to consumers, has taken significant time, as has gaining NHS validation as a digital therapeutic service and all necessary certifications.

With ReMe now being used in all care sectors and having validated its usability in many international markets, ReMe is now ready to scale — to be discovered and downloaded through the end user engagement portal of ReMeLife.






Is it right to reward for care?



We often have it pointed out that most care is provided ‘from the heart’; that people are simply doing for their families, their neighbours what they want to do. This is the very nature of caring, of volunteering. it is of course our own personal experience and how we became involved in the care sector and why we started ReMeLife; to make it easier to care using tech.

But we quickly realised that whilst funding was being removed from local services, and lunch clubs for example were being shut down as a result such that family carers were getting less respite and support; and whilst care providers were struggling with low wages and … well the list is endless – whilst this situation was worsening, however others were getting rich on the back of our daily care tasks. Online retail purchasing, data harvesting…. well again there are many revenue streams that are derived from the unpaid work of family carers and the low paid work of formal carers.

So our answer to this dilemma of whether providing rewards for care is detracting, even debasing the value of care that is provided from the heart, is that we are simply distributing the digital and fiat value that is inherent in your care work back to you. Basically, its yours and you should be able to decide where that value goes; whether to you, your family, to charity or to the local lunch club.

And the key to earning REMEs is in the word earning. You receive REMEs passively, for doing what you always do, providing care for those you love. You don’t have to pay a Membership fee, buy any products, persuade anyone to participate or sell anything. All you have to do is care. And ReMeLife makes it easier to care.

Yes, perhaps it requires a bit of a shift of mindset. For perhaps we should rethink our societal programmed belief that care should always be given unrewarded by those that have few resources, and by those that have no choice but to provide care for their families. And that only the affluent can buy their care provision to ensure maintaining their freedom.

So yes, we do think that Rewards Based care is an appropriate new model; one that responds to the difficult times that we live in and which is a win: win for everyone.

And with the economies around the world in for a rough ride courtesy of Covid, inflation and numerous other global woes, we think that ReMeLife has a role to play in bringing some relief where it is deserved.



What is the 



What is the ReMeChain and how does it all work?



We believe that the value in digital care ‘work’, data, and retail purchasing, should not all head across the Atlantic, but should be provided to those that need it most, in the care sector.

The ReMeLife Token Ecosystem is based on a rewards-based model. We have built a tokenomics model around 10 Care Actions that we believe should be rewarded. These token-based use cases, such as medication adherence, ReMeLife referrals, use of ReMe Rooms, etc. are rewarded in tokens.

Since CAPs are earned for multiple care use cases (from grandma saying to her ReMe Connect Alexa, ‘yes I have taken my medication’, to many other care activities), as you can imagine, this will generate a lot of tokens. So, we’re building our own blockchain to enable a ‘practical’ rewards model for our Members to earn from their Care Actions, as follows:

Member’s enrolments and recommendations to their network to join ReMeLife are recorded first in a MySQL database as CAPS (= Care Action Points). These are visible in the ReMeLife Referral Program (RRP) app dashboard. This RRP enables Members to invite friends and family and earn CAPs for doing so – to three levels deep in their network, that is created as a result of their invites.

CAPs are then converted daily to REME tokens (which are ERC20’s) sitting on our own blockchain, the ReMeChain. Their earned REMEs can also be seen in their Members ReMeLife wallet.

A REMEs value is based on the conversion rate, used at the time of conversion/minting, that is held in the smart contract that sits on our ReMeChain. This algorithm changes the exchange rate daily based on the number of tokens in supply.

There is a fixed volume of 600 million REMEs available to be minted, so as long as Members undertake Care Actions, there is an impetus for growth in this deflationary system and in the value of the REME (subject as always to market perception of course).

The REME is a pure utility token because its primary purpose is to be used in the ReMeLife Market to purchase products and capture the discounts offered by vendors. Therefore, is not regulatory contentious. It has actual value in that REMEs can be used to acquire the product discounts resident in the products and services available in our ReMe Market. The REME can be used in multiple ways. As well as for consumer purchases (from flowers to a hip replacement with our partner Acibadem), it can also be used by our partners, from insurance companies to service providers, who can reward their existing and prospective clients with REMEs (white labelled if necessary).

With a managed blockchain, Members at scale and major partners, there are a myriad of opportunities for the REME. For ReMeChain will bridge to the Ethereum network and to any other blockchain, such as Binance, giving us increased flexibility to partner up and enabling trading on any exchanges. And of course, with our own blockchain, we can easily enable DeFi and NFT based projects for our Members and Partners, should we wish to do so at a later date. It is easy to imagine how schools, local care organisations, charities, etc., can benefit from such easy-to-use promotional tools that are instantly revenue generating. We have many such entities waiting for us to launch.

So, you will appreciate from the above, that we are building a viral model, that is structured for scale. And that brings problems; from transactional speed, to the big one; If we sat ReMeLife on some else blockchain, such as Ethereum, we and/or our Members would incur daily transactional costs in ETH. These would be substantial and so to avoid impractical gas costs and to ensure transactional speed and control, we are building our own blockchain. Yes, the ReMeChain does have gas as the transactional fuel, just like ethereum, but it is our own gas, and so we can assign the gas cost to zero.

The ReMeChain is a Proof of Authority Consensus Protocol using the Clique protocol, so is an ethereum clone (We’re in partnership with ConsenSys Health, who are promoting Besu into the healthcare space, so ReMeLife is a perfect fit for them – they want to reach healthcare consumers at scale, and for us – we need them to support us re global compliance).

And as our own blockchain, we can enable our partners to manage their own nodes (at a cost), and so use the REME to promote their products, services, and charity needs. Basically, these nodes provide a rewards-based marketing tool that benefits the care sector.

Phase 1 of this ReMeLife token Ecosystem is complete (built by Limechain and Antier Solutions) giving us the ReMeLife Wallet, ReMe Referral Program and the primary smart contracts and ERC20 token, As well as ReMe Market and other ReMe tools such as ReMe Chat. These have been built to be usable by everyone, whether aware of tokens or otherwise, for our mission is to bring the benefits of token-based rewards to everyone, in a user friendly and accessible manner. ReMeLife is a social impact business that makes crypto and tokens inclusive and not just the preserve of Technorati and the financially astute.

Once the Private Sale Rounds are over then we complete the build of Phase 2 of the ReMeLife Token Ecosystem, in association with our partners. This will enable our Members, that are growing fast daily, to trade their tokens in the ReMeMarket and ultimately to trade them on exchanges.



What is the 
Tokenomics Model?



What are CAPs and REMEs? How are they redeemed? How many are there and how is the value calculated?



Minting and distributing a token requires creating a model, one which needs to suit the purpose of the business, provide real solutions to real life problems, and comply with the various regulatory frameworks under which it falls. That model needs to then be practically deployable on a chosen blockchain for the token to be effectively marketed, whether within a closed ecosystem, such as ReMeLife, and/or listed on a token exchange, thereby providing liquidity. The REME token does both, being a true utility token in that it is a form of remuneration for ‘Care Actions’ performed and has a true value in that it can be traded at a defined price for goods within the ReMeLife ecosystem (principally within ReMe Market) or exchanged for fiat on a token exchange.

The model works like this. 

When a Member uses one of our or our partners apps or uses their promoted services to support their care and/or personal needs, they earn a reward for the Care Actions that they’ve provided. These Care Action Points (CAPs) simply passively accumulate in their ReMeLife crypto wallet. There is no Membership fee, no app usage cost, and no need to promote or sell any product. It’s no different from Air Miles or Tesco Tokens, other than that you don’t need to buy anything. You just need to ‘do something’ related to the care needs of those you know.

Because CAPs are simply digital tokens, there is an unlimited available supply of them and so we can create an unlimited number of use cases for them. These CAPs have a value based on an algorithmic calculation that takes into consideration the volume of CAPs issued, the number of REMEs that have been minted, as Members convert CAPs to REMEs, and the value of the REME token in the open market on token exchanges. The conversion factor therefore fluctuates in a market-controlled manner, but being smart contract locked in various of its factors, it cannot be manipulated. Of course, this is what the blockchain is all about.

When a Member decides that they want to redeem the value in their wallet, they must convert their earned CAPs (you cannot buy these) into REMEs. REMEs are the crypto token that provides liquidity to the CAPs. They are ERC20 Ethereum based tokens that exist courtesy of a locked up smart contract that defines them and that sits immutably on the blockchain. There is a nominal cost to the Member to make this conversion, much in the way PayPal charge a fee. Once a member has converted their CAPs to REMEs, at the current conversion rate, they then can use them to either gift them to friends and family or to a charity. Or they can redeem them to capture the discount value of the products being sold in the ReMe Market. Lastly, they can trade them on token exchanges for cash or hold them as an investment option, since they may well appreciate in value. If they do hold their CAPs and REMEs then they will receive further REME token bonuses, much like interest, for doing so.

REMEs being available on token exchanges, can  be purchased for investment purposes in the same manner that one purchases shares on a stock exchange. Hence the REME token has market driven potential and liquidity, in a way that equity in start-up business does not. 

Just like bitcoin, the REME token smart contract has a fixed number of mintable REME tokens (600 million) available to be either earned by Members or purchased in token exchanges. Therefore, as long as Members and Investors perceive the REME to have a value, one that is already defined through its value when redeeming REMEs to purchase vendors and partners’ products in the ReMe Market, then that value will have the potential to increase as demand for tokens increases, courtesy of the limited supply of REME tokens. And, since many products and services in the ReMe Market will be high ticket items, such as hip replacements and assistive tech, for a Member to capture the full available discount offered by the vendor, they will need to buy REMEs to optimally do so. This ensures demand for REMEs and daily transactional volume. 

The question that is then asked by many, is how can ReMeLife afford to give away what actually are tokens with actual value? The answer is surprisingly relatively simple. In the same way that governments print money when they need to do so, so ReMeLife mints tokens . The dollars’ value is purely defined by the value the market ascribes to it, since it has no underlying security post the demise of the Gold Standard in 1933; and that value is volatile. It is the same with the REME. The REME is worth nothing unless the market believes it has value. But since the ReMeLife Market provides a base value, then the REME does have a starting value. And of course ReMeLife’s team have been working to earn REME’s, at a fixed value.

So in essence the REME is a bartered ‘object’ provided for services rendered that can be exchanged at a market agreed value. This is therefore a win: win: win model, in that everyone stands to benefit, other than the conventional financial intermediaries that would normally gain from such transactions.

And of course at the heart of the very purpose and nature of the model, is the fact that those that can benefit substantially from the ReMeLife tokenised rewards based ecosystem, are those whose daily Care Actions are, many would argue, currently generally undervalued, exploited by ‘the system’, and that are most certainly unredeemable. A situation that is today causing major problems to the worlds economies, as the elderly and care focused population grows.

Businesses can further benefit by using the REME token for their own purposes. Whether for promotional campaigns or rewards-based promotions. Such campaigns can be tailored on the ReMechain (the ReMeLife Ethereum/Polygon based blockchain) to optimise benefits to all parties; and there are a multiplicity of creative configurations, from NFT’s to games, that can be integrated into such campaigns.



What about
Regulatory Risk?



Doesn’t a private blockchain risk being assessed as an unregistered security triggering being shut down by the regulators?



Yes the regulators are acting against non-utility tokens. But those we have spoken to at the FCA, our lawyers and reading of the current legislation and regulations is such that it is agreed that as long as the REME token is a utility token and as long as it is only formerly released to those that buy it at a time when the ReMeLife Token ecosystem is live, such that the REME can immediately be used in our ReMe Market, then our token round does not constitute the sale of a security, being instead a promise to provide tokens at a time when they can be used in a utility manner, as does for example Air Miles.

Therefore, being a true utility token, the regulators have shown no interest when we have discussed our project with them. In fact the opposite, as last year they expressed an interest in ReMeLife participating in their sandbox (however they changed their mind opting not surprisingly to invite more complex and potentially contentious DeFi projects, these being ‘dearer to the soul of the City’ and more relevant to the impending UK CBDC).

It should also be noted that the ReMeLife token rounds will possess none of the characteristics which are correctly regulatorily inappropriate, such as ‘pump and dump’ phases (unlike many ICOs, or many IPO’s for that matter). And positively, it has a 12 month vesting for team members and pre-sale investors and a long term strategy that is protective of ReMeLife Members.

For, we are in this for the long haul; to bring inclusive benefits to our Members and to redirect the currently expropriated value in digital care, in data and in online purchasing, to the care sector. This social impact strategy alone strengthens the case for the validity of the REME token, that will soon be used by our partners, such as leading care associations, insurance companies and hospital groups, all that are currently waiting in the wings for us to launch.

For a convenient overview of the regulations, please check out Linklaters Report here.







How can I trust the REME token is real and not a scam?



We’re relatively new to the world of blockchain and crypto. We’re healthcare software people that watched the crazy Klondike like early days of blockchain, ico’s and the dark web with fascination, and with horror. For here was a superb tech that was a direct response to the financial corruption that had caused the 2008 recession, that caused so much pain (and pretty much only for those that already were experiencing an ever widening wealth gap) and that had the potential to bring positive social change – being exploited by conmen and scammers.

But I think we all know that this is the way of the world. Comparables abound, from bootlegging at the turn of the century spawning the Kennedys to the growth of the internet through exploitation by pornographers.

Crypto has been riddled with scams of all sorts (our favourite book on the subject is Crypto Wars by Erika Stanford); from Ponzi’s to exploitative MLM formats, from fantasy blockchains to hacking. Billions have been lost by many.

But that does not negate the underlying brilliance of the concept of blockchain, or of the power of the token to positively impact on society. For it is the belief of many today that they can be deployed for good. And it is our intent to ensure that the benefits of tokens are not just, as they have been to date, reaped by the digital savants, the FANG’s and high net worth individuals. For, if blockchain is to live up to its original professed intent of having been launched by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto for the purpose of levelling the global economic and social playing field, then tokens need to become inclusive, to become available to be deployed as they see fit by everyone.

So yes, buyer beware. Crypto is still full of scams and probably always will be. But so are our the financial institutions of the world, from sub-prime mortgages, Enron, ….well don’t start me on that one. Yes, tokens are abused. But so are dollars, gold, futures and equity. But rest assured, ReMeLife is not a scam. It is simply a means for us all to share in what is rightfully collectively ours. Namely the value that’s in our work in care, our data, our creativity and in our promotion and purchasing. I read yesterday that just 1.8% of corporate fraud ever gets to court! The joy of blockchain is that it generates an immutable transactional log, so anyone can view who has done what, how and when. There’s no hiding under layers of complexity. Transactions are transparent bring greater integrity to business.

And of course, do learn about crypto. For it’s an exciting world of opportunity, and opportunities don’t come around everyday. And, whilst you might think that you have missed the boat, you most certainly have not. Crypto is here to stay, and its story is just beginning. ReMeLife is probably the first to bring tokens to person centred healthcare, so you are reading about crypto at the right time. There’s a lot of young businesses just  starting out, like us. And there’s lots of good material out there to guide you. (Our favourite resource is Guy at Coin Bureau on YouTube).

And of course please do get in touch if you have questions, ideas and … well anything.



Are you not just



Surely tokens are worthless. Is it not just you creating money?



Yes there are many scams in the world of crypto but less than there are in the fiat world, as blockchain makes it harder to do. And of course crypto currency can be used by criminals, even though it is far more traceable than dollars.

But tokens that have been created by genuine businesses are no more worthless than any currency these days and as most know bitcoin and Ether are now defined as being a better store of value than gold or the dollar. For no currencies these days have any underlying security, with the gold standard gone since June 1933. And with the quantitative easing tap today permanently open governments are simply printing money and so the dollar has a value based purely on perception as opposed to any underlying security. And when it comes to national credit ratings, etc., many doubt the methodologies deployed  by rating agencies. The financial world at the moment is lacking transparency and many argue that there is greater transparency in crypto than there is in the financial markets (remember Enron, subprime mortgages, etc.). Many of those that attack crypto/blockchain naturally do so because it is disruptive to their entrenched vested interests – until they then adopt it, such as the Fed Reserve (see MIT and Algorand, etc) and Goldman Sachs whose recent sea change Report regarding crypto was spurred by the ever growing demands of their crypto hungry clients.

Yes the value of REME’s will of course in part be based on perceptional value. But it will also be based on published turnover, on the number of provable Members, and on its assets, etc. Just like equity. But a key difference with the REME from most tokens, is that it does have a value, as a REME enables you to acquire the discounts posted for each product in the ReMeLife Marketplace. A published discount is a sum of money and you cannot gain it without trading REMEs for it. That gives the REME a value in the same way that Airmiles or Tesco points each have a value.



About the
REME Token



Will REME go up in value and why?



We get asked this all the time of course. And of course we cannot advise that the price of REMEs will go up. We can only make the following statements.

We already have investors that have invested over £0.5 million to get us to where the ReMeLife project is today. We have strong partners, such as Sharp, ConsenSys Health and Amazon. And we have a sales pipeline for the B2B care sector, predominantly in the UK. And of course we have a strong team.

Phase 1 of the blockchain build created Care Action Points that are earned for becoming a Member and for inviting friends and family to join.  These CAPs are converted to ERC 20 REME tokens. This conversion is undertaken in a smart contract and is based on the fixed volume of 600 million REMEs, which will continually be reducing in a deflationary manner, as REMEs are used. Therefore, as more REMEs are used, so value of REMEs will increase. With the completion of the build of Phase 2 of the ReMeLife Token Ecosystem project, you will be able to make purchases using tokens for discounted products in ReMe Market, and as more Members join ReMeLife and use REMEs to make purchases, so this will impact on the supply and promote the upward growth in the price of the REME. 

And with an inbuilt ReMeLife Referral Reward Program and Partner plans for our major corporate partners, the potential for viral Membership growth rates is substantial, which in turn promotes positive REME price action.

Basically, the price of the REME will not be dictated by investor hype, will not be subject to the unfair phenomena of ‘pump and dump’, and with a vesting schedule for the team and private round investors being spread across a 12 month period, there will be minimal pressure on negative price movements.

So whilst we cannot predict the future, however a large number of our team Members have been working for years with REMEs as payment and so we all believe strongly in the long term value of ReMeLife as a social impact business that will scale globally, and in the REME token  being one of its key drivers.

We all believe that the next few years are going to make for a very, very memorable ride! We hope you’ll join us!






Is the ReMe Wallet safe?


 Our proprietary ReMe Wallet has been built by Limechain, one of the top ten leading blockchain software developers in the world, so yes we have faith in its construction. But of course any wallet is partly only as good as the way it is looked after by its owner. For, unlike traditional banking, which will help you out if you lose your identification and credentials, with a crypto wallet there is no such recourse. So you must keep ample back ups.

We also recommend that, especially if you have made an investment of over say £500, that you purchase a ‘cold wallet’. This is an offline memory stick like storage tool, such as Ledger. This makes your investment unhackable. And of course do keep a written copy somewhere very safe, of your key words and other key data.

We all know of the amazing gains made by many of those that invested in crypto in the previous years and many of us believe that we are just at the beginning of mass adoption of crypto, and therefore, that there is great potential in crypto in the coming years. But we’ve all also no doubt heard the horror stories of people that have lost their bitcoin or cannot get access to their wallets. So ‘play it safe, get organised and get backed up’, is our best recommendation.



What is a 



What is the SAFT Agreement?


REME token purchases are governed by the terms of the SAFT agreement that all parties are bound by. Please view here

SAFT WHITE PAPER:  This document presents the compliant framework on which this token round is based. Termed a ‘Simple Agreement for Future Tokens’ (SAFT), the following is an extract from the Abstract. 

We propose a path toward a new, compliant framework called the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens, or “SAFT”. Together with the publication of this paper, we launch the SAFT Project—a forum for discussion and development of the SAFT framework. The SAFT is an investment contract. A SAFT transaction contemplates an initial sale of a SAFT by developers to accredited investors. The SAFT obligates investors to immediately fund the developers. In exchange, the developers use the funds to develop genuinely functional network, with genuinely functional utility tokens, and then deliver those tokens to the investors once functional. The investors may then resell the tokens to the public, presumably for a profit, and so may the developers. The SAFT is a security. It demands compliance with the securities laws. The resulting tokens, however, are already functional, and need not be securities under the Howey test. They are consumptive products and, as such, demand compliance with state and federal consumer protection laws. To be sure, public purchasers may still be profit-motivated when they buy a post-SAFT utility token. Unlike a pre-functional token, though, whose market value is determined predominantly by the efforts of the sellers in imbuing the tokens with functionality, a genuinely functional token’s value is  determined by a variety of market factors, the aggregate impact of which likely predominates the “efforts of others.” Sellers of already- functional tokens have likely already expended the “essential” managerial efforts that might otherwise satisfy the Howey test. Beyond the securities laws, the SAFT framework elegantly navigates the money services and tax laws, and addresses the significant policy concerns with the direct token presale alternative…..  The full document can be viewed here.





How to



Where can I learn about crypto, blockchain and tokens?


We regularly get asked to recommend a good source of reliable knowledge, for learning about crypto, blockchain and tokens, and for keeping up with the news. Our favourites are Guy at Coin Bureau here and 99 Bitcoins here. 

But of course there are many ways to learn about the rise of blockchain and crypto, whether from the point of companies using blockchain, the current adoption by governments (CBDCs), funds acquiring Bitcoin and Ether (see this years Goldman Sachs Report), to learning about it on YouTube to learn about such as what is an Altcoin? (which is what our token, the REME is).