ReMeLife is the first healthcare Membership Community that uses blockchain to provide care support, personal data management, rewards for caring, self-care management and community engagement.

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ReMe Executive Summary

The Problems & ReMeLife

The care of elders, dementia and cognitive impairment are growing problems, that most of us have faced at some point, and which are increasingly impacting on society. Technology needs to better address finding solutions.

ReMeLife addresses maintaining care in the community, loneliness, community engagement, data ownership and portability, GDPR compliance and CQC reporting, consumer engagement and self-care management, whilst achieving cost savings and efficiencies for consumers and  care businesses. 

ReMeLife is an online membership platform that supports the needs of all those involved in care, from the person cared for and their family to their carers, community and businesses, and that’s used by consumers from diagnosis to end of life. What they call in the US, a multi-sided business platform – like LinkedIn, in that it serves multiple sectors in differing ways.

To be known socially its Facebook, for business its LinkedIn. For healthcare, to be known for who you are from diagnosis to end of life, its ReMeLife.

ReMeLife, currently a news and affiliate discount product site, will become a personalised resource for members. A place to gain knowledge and support, to find solutions, to meet people and to receive ReMC tokens, as rewards for undertaking care related activities or simply purchased, that can be used for many care purposes. ReMeLife is where you take control of your personal data, so that it’s used by only those that you want to give access. So that it supports those involved in your and your families care needs. So that it earns you and them income. It’s your data, so it should be yours to use as you wish.

ReMeLife provides access to its Companion app, RemindMecare (aka ReMe), which is used by consumers and care businesses. ReMe is based on the simple yet startling proposition that personal knowledge of the person can radically improve care, the wellbeing of the carers, family and community engagement and the bottom line of businesses.

All care provision is based on person centred care; it’s health and government policy. Yet how can carers, nurses, neighbours, deliver optimal care when they know nothing about the person? For there is presently no mechanism for person centric digital health engagement, data capture or personal knowledge deployment available to families or care professionals.

Until now.

In the care sector, it’s not ‘Intel inside’, it’s ‘ReMe inside’

ReMe provides across care sector portable person-centric digital Activities and therapies (ie internet based reminiscence, CST, sensory games, music, entertainment, multi-media) and care solutions for consumers and care organisations. By capturing activity outcome derived Electronic Life Records (ELR = likes, dislikes, moods, preferences, wellbeing, habits, memories, life story, families) ReMe enables and evidences the provision of bespoke activities, therapy, family and community connectivity. ReMe addresses maintaining care in the community, loneliness, community engagement, health and social care data portability, data ownership, consumer engagement and self-care management. ReMe is a Digi therapeutic, enabling medication reduction through knowing the person.

ReMeLife and ReMe’s keys are their ability to achieve engagement with users through knowing their interests and by providing content that generates loyalty and daily usage thereby enabling the delivery of health care support in an engaging digital manner. And their ability to integrate with other systems, such as social care robots, care planning software and IoT.

ReMeLife mission statement

The new digital economy that is rapidly expanding today is changing the expectations of consumers and the nature of the relationship between customers and corporations. No longer are they happy to passively accept the exploitation of their data by large digital corporates as they begin to appreciate that organisations are providing large returns to their investors courtesy of their digital profiles, without any financial benefit accruing to themselves.

Until recently, even if they wanted to, there was no simple and efficient way for a business to align the interests of its users with the financial success of their organisation other than through traditional investment instruments, those which are not generally easily accessible to the average consumer at the time of a businesses early growth phase. Today’s emergence of a decentralised connected blockchain infrastrastructure enables the democratisation of such moments of potential gain, through tokenisation and the exploitation of the consumers data, to their benefit as well as to the benefit of the business. And, whilst also achieving significant social impact.

This is ReMeLife’s mission.


We hear about the importance of person-centred care. Yet how can a carer provide it when they generally know nothing about the person and there’s no data to help them? We hear how data should flow from social to health care, yet we’re afraid of data exploitation and bound by GDPR. We’re told that isolation, loneliness and stigma are inadequately addressed by local authorities, whose slashed budgets necessitate only the briefest of home care visits.

Yet on the other hand others, eulogise tech’s ability to fuel the Transformation of Care. So what really is going to happen over the coming years? If ‘knowledge is power’, then we believe that ‘data is freedom’. For data will at last be owned by the consumer and not the large corporate. It will no longer be exploited for their benefit but will empower the consumer to take control of their care, to support self-care management and to assist engage people with dementia with their care circle, community, with entertainment, daily management and more bespoke services.

We believe that ReMeLife is now the Holy Grail of investment – an opportunity to invest in an already commercialised, NHS approved, globally scalable, internet driven, social impact healthcare business, one that’s freemium based and offers cutting edge tech that, being blockchain and token based, brings data ownership and rewards to users. With your support, the sky’s the limit.


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