Shouldn’t We be
Rewarded for Our Care?

It’s time to …
    Democratise data ownership
        Capture the work value in digital care
            Enable sharing the profits in online purchasing

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  • To improve care for everyone by making tech inclusive and rewards based.


  • Social engagement must be at the heart of care.
  • Carers are underappreciated and blockchain can address key socio-economic issues that impact the care sector.
  • The value in the care, online, retail and creative actions that we undertake daily should be shared by all.

Key Benefits

ReMeLife provides support for those involved in care; from care at home, assisted living, care homes to hospital care, using its own digital activities and therapies, and those of its partners. Using blockchain and tokens to manage and monetise five socio-economic asset classes, ReMeLife rewards its members for their care, data and retail actions.


ProblemCare is being depersonalised; we’re increasingly required to self-manage and finance our care.  Providing care has inherent value in personal data, online purchases and daily care support. Yet little of this benefits the person cared for, carers, or care organisations. 

SolutionReMeLife incentivises and supports self-care management, capturing the value in ‘Care Actions’, whilst promoting and enabling increased care and community engagement.


ProblemPeople make businesses grow. Loyalty sustains them. Growth should generate rewards, not the monopolistic, exploitational and algorithm based manipulation we see today. Limited access to early stage investment ensures that the wealth divide increases and social stability continues to fracture.

SolutionReMeLife brings you into its value system, rewarding as you build your network. As REME usage increases, in ReMe Market and global markets, so your REMEs grow, as a result of your Care Actions, support of ReMeLife and REME token participation.

Social media affects behaviour, without triggering users awareness. Consumers are clueless…these markets in human futures undermine democracy and freedom’. Prof. S. Zuboff, Harvard


ProblemOur data’s ‘harvested’. Silicon Valley labels us as ‘slaves’. In return for our unpaid work, we get ‘free’ software, told what to buy, read, watch and increasingly, what to believe. As care funding disappears, so support becomes the responsibility of hard-pressed families, whilst the wealth divide  continues to increase discontent.

SolutionReMeLife collects your data through its apps and enables  you to manage, monetise and share its value, whether with your family, community or favourite charities.

People’s role as data producers is not properly compensated. Income from it is distributed to a small number of wealthy savants rather than to the masses’. Posner and Weyl, Radical Markets


ProblemOur online purchases and product recommendations enrich the 2% that own 50% of the worlds assets, bringing little benefit to our families. As high streets die and jobs and social life are decimated, however online communities are growing. It’s time they were empowered to gain leverage over online value pools and capital flows.

SolutionREMEs, earned from Care, Data, Retail and Social Actions, are used to make purchases in ReMe Market. Low fees enable Vendors to make ‘give backs’ to support their chosen care sectors.


ProblemBusinesses, such as pharma and insurance, want to build closer relationships with customers; to increase brand awareness, market share and to reward for loyalty. Local organisations and charities need to achieve more effective relationships with their members, as government funding dwindles.

SolutionReMeLife enables businesses, charities, schools and events, to better reach their audiences, whilst also generating revenue from their networks, by using REME tokens as a currency of  reward and engagement.

ReMeLife democratises e-Commerce
and tokenises Care Actions
We call this ‘Rewards Based Care’


ReMeLife provides support for those involved in care; from care at home, assisted living, care homes to hospital care, using its digital activities and therapies, as well as those of its partners and associates. Using blockchain and tokens to manage and monetise key global socio-economic asset classes, ReMeLife rewards its Members for their Care Actions.


  • Provides free care solutions,

  • Connects family and communities

  • Supports self-care management

  • Connects like-minded people

  • Rewards for care related activities

  • Maintains care in the community

  • Provides activities and entertainment

  • Offers discounted products 


  • RemindMecare: digital activities and care solutions that reduce isolation, improve quality of life, wellbeing and care circle and community engagement. Free to Members. 

  • RemindMecare for Business: enhances person centred care, digital activities and family connectivity whilst achieving business efficiencies and profitability. 

  • ReMe Connect Alexa: remote voice enabled services, such as medication and events scheduling, and entertainment.

  • Other Apps: an expanding source of apps, including ReMeMeets, Rooms and Games.



ReMeLife captures a unique data set, Electronic Life Records (ELR© = preferences, habits, wellbeing, memories, life story, family, etc.).

By capturing activity outcomes derived ELR, ReMe evidences the provision of bespoke activities, therapy, family and community connectivity.

ELR has multiple other uses; from medical research to being sold or donated to data aggregators and so can generate REMEs for members should they choose these options.



Members Care, Data, Retail, Network and Creative Actions are rewarded in Care Action Points (CAPs). These are converted, on our Private ReMeChain, to REMEs (ERC20 tokens) that are used to purchase products or be traded outside of the ecosystem.

Our ReMeChain is a POA Clique protocol based blockchain and so has no energy or transactional gas costs.

The non-profit ReMeLife Mutual Foundation manages token distribution, whilst Members and Business needs for buying or selling REME tokens, as well as marketing and charitable promotions, are undertaken by the ReMe Agency.

The emerging world of tokens and the
potential for positive change


At present, we all act individually when creating data through online purchasing and delivering care.

But, by being part of a community, whether defined by care needs, as local groups or within online groups, there comes greater strength.

ReMeLife protects the vulnerable and brings benefits to those in health care, and to businesses and organisations supporting the care sector, by deploying consumer engagement and data in a manner that, through the commerce of communities, enhances care and builds community engagement, whilst channelling the value in digital engagement to those that need it most.


ReMeLife’s an opportunity to participate in a commercialised, NHS approved, globally scalable, internet driven healthcare business, one that’s freemium based and that uses cutting edge tech to capture the value in our daily care activities. And, to support a business that, being blockchain and token based, brings data ownership, rewards and positive social impact to its Members.

For you, as ReMeLife Members, this means being able to empower disenfranchised segments of society; those cared for, those with care responsibilities, hard pressed families and care businesses. And, to bring rewards to those that are generally underpaid, unrewarded and often unappreciated.

To be able to deliver a new model of care, that has the potential of social impact at scale, whilst also generating significant profits for all Members and stakeholders, whether passively or actively earned, is surely a Holy Grail for all us all.

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