Do you care for someone?
Shouldn’t you be rewarded? 

ReMeLife is a web3 Care-to-Earn community ecosystem

Do you care?

Help us, help you, help them    

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It’s time to …
    Democratise data ownership
        Capture the work value in digital care
            Share in the profits in online purchasing

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  • TRANSFORMATION    World’s first rewards-based health & social care DAO.


  • REWARD    Capture the value from your digital care actions.
  • SHARE    Benefit from the value of your data & online purchasing.
  • PROFIT    Gain from the decentralisation of finance and care.


  • CARE-TO-EARN    Passively earn REMEs from your daily care actions.
  • BUILD-TO-EARN    Monetise your network, data, market vendors and creations.
  • HODL-TO-EARN    Stake REMEs to earn from care focused DeFi.
  • NFTs-TO-EARN    Gain discounts & REMEs from ReMeLife’s NFT’s.
  • SHARE-TO-EARN    Stake time or REMEs in charities & business to earn REMEs.


ProblemOur daily digital care actions generate great value, yet little of it reaches those cared for, carers or families. But we’re increasingly required to self-manage and finance our care, whilst the tech giants get rich from our care ‘work’.



  • Earn REMEs for your Care Actions.
  • Monetise your care network.
  • Get rewarded for your creative contributions.


ProblemNFTs have seen rapid adoption but are now viewed as frivolous, a bubble, and of value only to the elite, the young and the tech savvy. But this underestimates the power of the smart contracts attached to utility NFTs, that offer proof of ownership, provenance and income opportunities for everyone.



  • Collect free NFTs and unlock discounts in ReMe Market.
  • Earn NFTs from creative actions & trade NFTs for REMEs.
  • Use ReMeLife NFTs for identity and the metaverse.

Social media affects behaviour, without triggering users awareness. Consumers are clueless…these markets in human futures undermine democracy and freedom’. Prof. S. Zuboff, Harvard


ProblemWe all build personal social networks. But they get monetised by others. And, our data’s harvested. In return, we get ‘free’ software, told what to buy, read and watch. And increasingly, what to believe. All whilst the Wealth Divide grows.



  • Build and monetise your personal network.
  • Earn REMEs from your data and online purchasing.
  • Earn monthly commissions from ReMe Market vendors.

People’s role as data producers is not properly compensated. Income from it is distributed to a small number of wealthy savants rather than to the masses’. Posner and Weyl, Radical Markets


ProblemWe don’t get access to high yielding opportunities as available to the affluent. And we’re all now well aware of the exploitative financial instruments, such as sub-prime mortgages, that generate massive profits for the wealthy, but which bring about the financial collapses that we have to pay for. Yet they are reborn with every economic cycle.



  • Capture high yields from DeFi.
  • Access CareFi care solutions.
  • Participate in DeFi investment strategies.


ProblemBusinesses want closer interaction with customers. Charities need better relationships with their members, as government funding dwindles. But this process brings little reward to us, being usually focused on exploitation and profit.



  • Earn REMEs from participating in business offers.
  • Earn REMEs for supporting charities.
  • Build you own REME token business launch pad.

ReMeLife democratises e-Commerce
and tokenises Care Actions
We call this ‘Care-to-Earn’


The ReMeLife app and community ecosystem uses blockchain and crypto to manage and monetise the daily digital care work process and rewards its Members for their Care Actions.

Blockchain ensures privacy and security and data ownership is managed by partners that are leaders in their field, whilst AI will optimise its use in the care process.



  • Free care solutions.

  • Connects family and communities.

  • Supports self-care management.

  • Rewards for care.

  • Activities & entertainment.

  • Discounted products.


  • RemindMecare  activities and care solutions that reduce isolation and improve quality of life. 

  • ReMe Connect Alexa  remote voice enabled care services, support and entertainment.

  • Partner Apps  an expanding source of partner care, lifestyle and wellbeing apps.

  • RemindMecare for Business  enhances care, family connectivity and provides an ROI. 



ReMeLife captures Electronic Life Records (ELR© = preferences, habits, wellbeing, memories, life story, family, etc.).

ELR supports personal care profiles and evidences the provision of bespoke activities, therapy, family and community connectivity.

ELR can be sold to earn REMEs, donated to charities or gifted to medical research.




Members Care Actions are rewarded in Care Action Points (CAPs) that are converted on the ReMeChain to REMEs (ERC20 tokens). These are used to purchase products in ReMe Market, ReMeFi or traded on exchanges.

The ReMeChain is a POA protocol so has no energy or transactional gas costs.

The DAO manages token distribution.

The power of DeFi should be available to everyone
We call this ‘CareFi’


ReMeLife’s a working MVP, with apps, the REME token, wallet and community builder referral program. Now we need to complete Phase 2.

Can you help us complete our…

  • Upgrade to Web3.0 format
  • CareFi products
  • NFT collection
  • POA ReMeChain
  • ReMeVerse metaverse portal

What you’ll get …

  • Discounted REMEs
  • Blui VIP Club membership, bounties and rewards
  • An early opportunity to build a passive income
  • Member NFTs

You’ll be participating in a community, a movement, a transformation, a Careocracy. Call it what you will, you’ll be helping us all regain some of what is rightfully ours.
You’ll be making a statement that it’s time for change.

And importantly, you’ll be helping those being cared for and their carers, whilst gaining a passive income.


Let’s prove that #CryptoCares

We’re capturing the value in care and sharing it using crypto
We call this a ‘Careocracy’