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ReMeLife is the first membership community to use blockchain and tokens to reward for care, data ownership, self-care and community engagement

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ReMeLife is the first
membership community
to use blockchain and
tokens to reward for care,
data ownership, self-care and
community engagement

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ReMe Executive Summary

The Business

Health-Connected Ltd focuses on products that support consumers and care business involved in care from diagnosis to end of life, including care at home, assisted living, care homes and hospital care, using bespoke digital activities and therapies.



‘The digitization of human beings will make a parody out of ‘doctor knows best and empower the consumer.’  Eric Topol, Deep Medicine & The Patient Will See You Now
Today’s Care Problems & ReMeLife

The care of elders, dementia and cognitive and physical impairment, such as Parkinson’s, stroke and MCI, are growing problems that most of us have faced at some point, and which are increasingly impacting on society.

Free membership Community: ReMeLife offers free membership to its rapidly growing global community of users, and provides access to its own suite of free apps, proprietary Alexa care skills and other modules, such as family video connectivity and its product marketplace, as well as access to a world of partner discounted products and services.

Care Management: ReMeLife promotes building a friends and family care network and supports better self-care management, through the provision of its own apps and those of its partners.

Rewards Based Care: Enhanced person centred and activities based care provision is incentivised with token-based rewards for participating in improving the quality of life of the person cared for and their carers.

Data management & Monetisation: ReMeLife enables its members to own, manage and monetise their data, preventing its exploitation by others. In a nutshell, ReMeLife democratises data ownership and facilitates the profit sharing of the value inherent in both data and consumer purchasing. ReMeLife is a new model for care; one that as well as enhancing person centred care also, through decentralisation and DeFi, redistributes to its members the value hidden in their online profiles. As Members build their global ReMeLife community through their caring for others, so those that most need and deserve it, gain benefits – whether an individual, a carer, a care provider or care association.  



‘Health by stealth. What we mean by this is that better health and care support can be achieved through activities, social engagement and by rewarding for improved care’.
The Technology & Products  

Tech Deployed: Using voice tech, enhanced engagement, blockchain and AI, ReMeLife’s apps focus on enhancing person centred care.

ELR Data Capture: At the heart of all apps and modules is the capture of a unique data set, Electronic Life Records (ELR© =preferences, habits, wellbeing, memories, life story, family, etc.) that enable social media driven and activity-based engagements.

Digi Therapeutic: The result is a Digi therapeutic intervention that aims to reduce isolation, improve quality of life, reduce agitation, complement to and/or reduce medication, enhance wellbeing and increase care circle and community engagement.


‘To be known socially its Facebook, for business its LinkedIn. For healthcare, to be known for who you are, from diagnosis to end of life, its ReMeLife. Except the rewards are real’.


The ReMeLife Suite of products provide not only enhanced care and support for the person cared for, their carers and family, but also assist suppliers reach their target clients and care providers to improve care provision. efficiency and profitability. 

ReMeLife: a platform helping Members gain knowledge and support, find care solutions, meet like-minded people and receive rewards for undertaking care related activities. ReMeLife is where you take control of your personal data so that it’s used by only those that you want to give access and supports those involved in your and your families care needs, whilst earning you and them rewards.

ReMeLife addresses maintaining care in the community, loneliness, family and community connectivity, self-care management, activities and entertainment, data ownership and portability, whilst generating rewards for participation in care.

Reme.Care: the app free to Members, delivers across care sector portable person-centric digital activities and therapies (reminiscence, CST, sensory games, music, entertainment, multi-media) and care solutions for consumers and care organisations. By capturing activity outcome derived Electronic Life Records, ReMe enables and evidences the provision of bespoke activities, therapy, family and community connectivity.

For care businesses, Reme.care enhances person centred care, achieves family and community connectivity and provides digital activities, whilst achieving better reporting, cost savings, efficiencies and enhanced profitability.  

ReMe Connect Alexa: provides a suite of remote voice enabled services that support the person cared for at home and in their room in an assisted living environment.

ReMe Market & ReMeMeets: offer Covid-19 related solutions, by supporting families remotely connect and care product and service suppliers reach their target audience. 



In the care sector, it’s not ‘Intel inside’, it’s ‘ReMe inside’, as ReMe is integrated with care planning software, wearables and other systems, to empower them through ELR data’.
Our Ethos & Mission Statement

Today’s rapidly expanding digital economy is changing the expectations of consumers and the nature of the relationship between customers and corporations. No longer are consumers happy to passively accept the exploitation of their data by large digital corporates as they begin to appreciate that organisations are providing large returns to their investor’s courtesy of their digital profiles, without any financial benefit accruing to themselves. And corporates, such as insurance companies, want to build lasting relationships with their clients, in a manner that’s rewarding for both parties.

Furthermore, until recently, even if they wanted to, there was no simple and efficient way for a business to share the financial success of their organisation other than through traditional investment instruments, those which are not generally available to the average consumer at the time of a business’s early growth phase. Today’s emergence of a decentralised connected blockchain infrastructure and token exchanges, such as Uniswap providing easy liquidity, enables earlier profit sharing, data ownership and enhanced social impact. 

‘We now know that [social media] can affect real world behaviour and emotions, without ever triggering the users awareness. They are completely clueless…these markets in human futures undermine democracy and undermine freedom’. Shoshana Zuboff, Harvard; The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

In summary, ReMeLife address several society’s inequitable relationships through its embedded principles that are driven by the key technologies deployed. ReMeLife is committed to … 

Democratisation of Data: prevent data exploitation by providing alternatives to organisations that provide little in return for the data they harvest from their users.

Revenue Sharing: enable its Members to share in the growth of ReMeLife, through their participation.

Rewards-Based Care: reward members for care activities undertaken in tokens that hold an actual value, as opposed to solely the use of ‘free tech’ and a ‘thumbs up like’.


ReMeLife is a unique composite of our inhouse developed apps and modules hosted in a member and affiliate based ecosystem, in which all Members bring benefits to each other, coupled through a rewards based process that is a win: win: win for all participants; whether consumers or businesses involved in the care sector.



‘A market economy cannot thrive absent the well-being of average people, even in a gilded age’. Jaron Lanier, Who owns the Future?
Investor Statement

ReMeLife aims to protect, reward and benefit the vulnerable, those engaged in health care and businesses and organisations supporting the sector, simply by deploying consumer engagement and data in a manner that enhances person centred care and channels revenue away from silicon valley.

We believe that ReMeLife is that Holy Grail of investment – an opportunity to invest in an already commercialised, NHS approved, globally scalable, internet driven, social impact healthcare business, one that’s freemium based and offers cutting edge tech and that, being blockchain and token based, brings data ownership and rewards to users.

With your support, the sky’s the limit.


‘It’s time to focus on stakeholder value and not just shareholder value, it’s time for a new capitalism – that’s fair, equal and sustainable, one that works for everyone, …that truly gives back and has a positive impact’.  Marc Benioff, founder Salesforce


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